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Welcome to the International Junior Miss Scholarship Program! We are delighted to have you join us for IJM International Finals 2017. Thank you for fulfilling a vital role in selecting candidates that embody the values of IJM. 

Here in the Judges Portal, you will find information designed to serve as an introduction and resource that will guide you throughout International Finals Week.  There will be an initial orientation and various briefings throughout the week that will aid you in accomplishing your new judging responsibilities and IJM’s mission.

Again, welcome to the International Finals 2017 Judges' Panel. We look forward to meeting you.

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Each delegate receives a link to download the International Handbook along with other important documents. We will review these guidelines during our judge's orientation on Wednesday, July 5th.


Host Hotel

Gaylord Opryland Hotel

2800 Opryland Drive

Nashville, TN 37214

Phone: 615-889-1000


In order to make sure that we provide you with a clear understanding of the expenses that the International Junior Miss Pageant Cover, we have provided you with a list of expenses that we cover as well as things that we do not cover.

1.  Round-trip transportation to and from Virginia Beach, VA for non-sponsor/business trade judges.

2.  Airport transfers from Norfolk International Airport - ALL Judges

3. Travel stipend for judges that are driving to Virginia Beach.

4. Lodging at the Official Judge's Host Hotel for judges that live outside of the Hampton Roads area for non-sponsor or business trade judges

5.  Breakfast or breakfast allowance (Wed, Thur, Fri & Sat) - All Judges  

6. Scheduled Lunch (Wed, Thur, Fri & Sat) - All Judges

7. Scheduled Dinner (Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat) - All Judges



1.  Alcoholic beverages/cocktails served during breakfast, lunch or dinner or at any other time.

2.  Non-scheduled transportation on your time off.

3.  Unscheduled meals.

4.  Hotel room incidentals such as room service, telephone calls, movies.


  1. Do not overdo your modeling on stage. The judges are instructed that you should follow the pattern given during rehearsalsA nice clean walk is preferred. Additionally: It is key for the girls to follow the walking patterns on stage.  The patterns are timed out show that the show flows properly.  It has been stressed to each delegate that they MUST follow the walking pattern.  They do have the liberty to show their own personality, do a turn while walking or at a position on stage, but making several trips to different points on stage or grand standing at one position should be considered when scoring. IJM prefers a nice, clean walk.  The walk should be smooth and effortless.  There should not be excessive shoulder movements, sliding across the stage, kicking up legs, etc.  Younger contestant should not appear too sassy or too grown up in their modeling.

  2. Make sure that your wardrobe fits properly. Additionally:  Outfits should not be too short, too long, too tight, too revealing.  Age appropriate wardrobe and style should be considered with looking at the fit of wardrobe. The wardrobe should be the right fit for the contestant's body type and personality.  Everything should be age appropriate.

  3. Do not overdo it when it comes to touching, moving or carrying parts of your wardrobe on stage. Additionally:  Most designers do not make trains to be overworked.  They are made to catch the win and flow naturally.  In some cases, girls will have to pick up their dress or train to walk, turn or move about the stage.  This is fine. It's even fine to use the garment AT THE RIGHT TIME when modeling.  Sometimes, it can be overdone on stage.  This is what we don't want to see.  There is also the case when dresses are just not made to be held (when a girls decides to hold the opening parts of the fabric and the slip becomes the key focus of the wardrobe.

  4. Stay away from unflattering colors (especially in the younger divisions) Additionally:  The young divisions should stay away from dark colors.  We want our Jr. Divisions to portray youth and vibrancy.  While polka dots and combinations of dark and light may be fine, watch out for colors that make little girls appear too grown-up.

  5. IJM is a natural but polished pageant.  This means that your hair should be nice, neat and in place. Big hair is not required.  Additionally:  Even though we are considered to be a natural pageant, we still believe that each delegate should present an overall polished look.  This means that their hair should be neatly groomed and in place. These girls should look and present like national/international level winners.  




The Judge's schedule along with wardrobe for the week has been provided below. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with your daily schedule.

 Overall Judges (Wed - Sat)

Performance Judges (Thur Only)


At International Junior Miss, we use a computerized scoring system for inputting scores and instant auditing. We will provide each judge with a tablet to use for entering scores electronically. We strongly encourage judges to bring their own iPad or tablet to work with during judge's orientation and to practice during down time. We do understand that some people may need more time than others to learn new technology. This is not mandatory.


Official Contact Info:

Kayla Sulla:  

Judges' Coordinators: 

Cell Phone: 845-745-2029


Nikki Clark: 

Executive Director:

Office: 904-240-4831 

Cell Phone: 757-676-2676 (cell - After 6/28/17)






1.  Just as you are judging the contestants, the parents/contestants/families will be judging you and your validity to judge them/their children.  It is very important that you always present the best conduct at all times.  They are watching you even when you think they are not.

 Here are some important guidelines to follow as a judge:

 a.  Do not discuss any contestant at any time with anyone (especially in public areas).  We do not want you to discuss the contestants with the other judges because we want to make sure that your opinions are your own.  In public, we ask that you go one step further and not discuss any pageant related business including contestants from other pageants that you may have judged or may know.  We have over 300 families attending this year's International Finals, and they are everywhere. They are in the hotel lobbies, in restaurants, in stores. They know who you are the moment they see you. Please refrain from using profanity in any and all public spaces. And please, only consume adult beverages at the judge's hotel if at all.

b.  Please try not use your cellphones outdoors. Always consider using them in private. Again, everyone is watching you. Family disputes and personal business should be taken care of in the privacy of your hotel room or private backstage areas while at the venue.

c.  Your hotel room walls and doors are paper thin.  We try our best to keep the judges at a different location than the contestants so they can have freedoms without having to look over their shoulder their entire stay, but it is impossible to determine where ever family will stay. Please keep in mind that at most hotels, you can hear a conversation going on inside of a room when passing by when louder tones are used.

2.  It is almost impossible to not bump into a contestant or their family throughout your stay at Internationals.  If you find yourself in an elevator or common area, you may be polite and say hello or offer a smile.  Please do not compliment or make further conversation. If  you know someone in attendance, politely let them know that you are judging and that you are not able to chat right now.  Please don't exchange information with  any one during pageant week, as it may appear that they have contact with you throughout the competition.

3.  Please watch your social media pages. Please only post positive information on your pages.  Do not make specific posts about any contestants.  And, if possible, please, please make sure that you have a clean page right now.  Social media is a big part of our world, and it is one area that  will be discussed in interview. It's important that you are following the guidelines that you are judging.

4. If you know a contestant personally, NOW is the time to tell us.  We will be sending the head shots for your review. Please let us know right away if  you have or had any type of relationship with any of the contestants.

5.  Cell phones should not be taken out during competition at anytime. We would love for you to tweet, instagram and post your facebook  status; however, the time to do this is before the show, and after the show (never during the show).

6. During the competition, if you cheer for one person, then you will need to cheer for them all which may be hard to do when you are making notes for some girls and not others.  A nice smile will is more than enough.

7.  During Interview competition, please smile and try to make the girls feel comfortable.  We don't want any contestant to leave the room feeling like they are done before the competition starts. Always cover your ipad/score sheets.  The older contestants will look at it, and they will report what they see.

8.  In interview competition, never look or appear confused.  They will notice and will report this to all of the contestants and their parents and will  automatically believe that you did not score them correctly. Always verify their name before they sit in the chair.

9.  During the pageant, if you get lost on your ipad/score sheet, use your extra paper to jot down notes of what the contestant is wearing and jot down the score. You can get back on track as the emcee call out the next name.  Let your judge's coordinator know at once, and we will review the video footage if needed. Do not try to ask the judge beside you. You may throw them off track and it is not a good look for judges to talk during scoring.

10.  During scoring, try to keep you head up and looking at the contestant 95% of the time even if you have to sacrifice comments.  The number one thing that we hear from contestants/parents is that the judges were not looking at them. The second thing is that there were not any comments.  I'd rather be able to say that there are no comments because the judges were looking at you and could not take their eyes off you to write down notes.



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