My Pets

One of the things I like to do is spend time with my pets. I love animals and it would be amazing if I could work with animals when I’m older or even own my own farm or animal sanctuary!

At the moment we have two gold fish, named Sushi and Sashimi, three dogs, five cats, two guinea pigs and a snake.

Our dog Miika is a Staffordshire Bull Terrior, Koda is a Shar Pei and Yoda is a French Bulldog. They are all crazy, love going for walks and we also take them to the beach. They are all big babies and scared of the water!

These are all of our cats and I’m pretty much a crazy cat lady. First we had Asha, the ragdoll, then Cupie who we thought was a boy until she had 5 kittens! Cupie’s daughter is Boots and she is a ginger cat. Then there are the two boys Mufassa (or Moo Moo for short) and Patrick. They all love to sleep on my bed and explore outside.

Nemo and Dory are our newest pets. They’re guinea pigs and are only babies. They love their food and they also eat vegetables and fruit.

Lastly we have a pet snake named Lucy-Borris. She is a Stimpson’s Python and she is 3 and half years old. Most of the time she sleeps in her home and she eats a mouse once a week. At the moment she is about 60cm long.


I would probably have a lot more pets if my parents let me but they already think I have too many! When I own my farm I will be able to have every type of animal!

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