The Capacity to Dream

One of my favorite classes in school is Spanish. I am in an honors Spanish class and have been studying Spanish for three years now. I absolutely love learning the language, the customs and the rich, unique culture. My teacher, Professor Rosario (or Profe’ for short) is a strong Christian and occasionally has little pep talks about life with us during class. Some students call them “mini sermons”. One day in class, she presented us with the quote from an influential Hispanic leader Rigoberta Menchú who said, “El tesora más rande que tengo en la vida es la capicidad de soñar”. For all of my non-Spanish speakers it means, “The greatest treasure I have in my life is the capacity to dream”. As soon as I heard this quote I fell in love with it. So much so that I put it in my Instagram bio, lol!

In life, it is so important to have dreams. And I mean BIG dreams! When thinking of your personal goals, ask yourself… “If I knew I could never fail, how big would I dream?” This past summer, I had a goal. A pretty lofty one at that; winning the title of IJM International Jr. Teen. While preparing for Internationals, I made sure to keep that goal on the top of mind in everything I did. Whether it be when I was answering interview questions, walking in my heels, or even brushing my teeth (literally!) I worked extremely hard and went after my big dream. After accomplishing it, I felt so grateful and humbled. All of my hard work had finally paid off!

So cherish your imagination and let it run WILD! Dream big because nadie puede quitarle su capacidad de soñar (nobody can take away your ability to dream)!

Peace, Love, Crowns,

A’Maiya Allen

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